Control & monitoring software for the rehabilitation programme


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The control and monitoring software is part of the Cognitive Rehabilitation system developed to assist people recovering from the effects of serious head injury and/or brain damage. This component of the system is concerned with the automatic control of the patient's rehabilitation programme. This aspect is crucial if the patient is to be allowed to work independently. The two aspects of the control system involve determining the choice of material and getting the results of past performances.

In operation the performance information is typically used to guide the selection of rehabilitation material. The disc monitoring system allows the maintenance of up to 75 different users, Each user has his or her own choice of available programs and options (password protected). For each user a system log is maintained providing a quick check on overall usage.

 Furthermore for each program the data monitoring software continuously monitors and records the values of specified performance values. At the completion of each program these results are written to disc, providing a permanent record of performance.


Attributes of the Monitor Program:-

It has the ability to monitor and control all the Cognitive Rehabilitation Programs.

It is multi-user.


It is password controlled, giving security between users.

The user has full access, via one screen, to update program, and default variables

All monitor variables can be changed and updated according to requirements.


The results for each user are saved independently, as Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values, suitable for spreadsheet analysis.