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Control & monitor variables

The data monitoring software continuously monitors and records the values of the specified performance values. At the completion of each program these results are written to hard disc, providing a permanent record of performance.


Figure 1 shows the number and type of variables that can be monitored and controlled, for recording and testing purposes, within the program. It is typical of all programs within the Cognitive Rehabilitation Suite.


Fig. 1


These variables are saved in Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values, suitable for continuing spreadsheet analysis. This component of the system is concerned with the automatic control of the patient's rehabilitation programme. This aspect is crucial if the patient is to be allowed to work independently. The two aspects of the control system involve determining the choice of material and getting the results of past performances. In operation the performance information is typically used to guide the selection of rehabilitation material.



Figure 2 displays the results in graphical form. These results can be displayed in many different forms, this is just one, a bar graph taken from a  Microsoft Excel worksheet.

Fig. 2